WIN More Wisdom Mentorship Program

The WIN More Wisdom Mentorship Program is a one-on-one mentorship program dedicated to strengthening the lives of disadvantaged women.  This program is for women ages 18 and up which includes weekly sessions and seminars throughout the year.

The mission of WIN More Wisdom Mentorship Program is to empower women from all walks of life through encouragement, support, love and guidance; and in return they will impact and make a difference in their community. 

EQUIP For Success (Professional Development)

Wear To WIN - a "dress for success" initiative that partners with local organizations and businesses to train women on the essentials of a professional attire and to supply apparel, shoes, accessories, etc. Women who participate will gain practical insight and hands-on training on how to dress in professional settings. 

Ready To WIN - a job preparatory initiative that trains women on interviewing techniques, resume development, online job postings and working with job search engines. Women who participate will acquire the tips, tools, training and development for employment and career readiness. 

WIN To Go! - a college preparatory initiative that educates women on the requirements of entering college including school selection, application process, financial aid assistance and strategies and other applicable resources. Women who participate will gain the tools, knowledge, relevant information and resources to further their academic education through higher learning.

EMPOWER For Success (Personal Development)

WIN More Money - an initiative that deals with financial education and awareness that includes budgeting, saving, planning, and investing. Women who participate will understand the fundamentals of finance, how money works, and how money can work for them presently and in the future. 

WIN In Life! - providing complimentary life coaching sessions to help women get on a path of positive life change. Women who participate will be able to avail themselves to one-on-one or group sessions with certified coaches to give counsel and set strategies to meet specific goals and objectives. 

WIN Wellness - offering a series of seminars that promotes healthcare, nutrition, fitness, image consulting and beauty care. Women who participate will be able to increase their knowledge, esteem, awareness by practicing wellness habits leading to happier, healthier and productive lives.

IMPACT For Success (Community Development)

WIN Empowerment Conference (WINEC) - annual conference to bring women across communities together for inspirational and spiritual empowerment. It will consist of keynote speakers and empowerment workshops. Event participants will gain a stronger sense of unity, spiritual connection, sisterhood, and support networks. 

We WIN Expo (WWE) - a community wide health and wellness expo where sponsors and vendors can exhibit programs, services and activities to disadvantaged women. WWE will focus on nutrition, fitness, make-up, hairstyling, massage therapy, and fashion, etc.   Event participants will be rewarded with a holistic experience that targets critical areas of their lives from the inside out. 

WIN The War! - a community wide assembly that raises awareness of domestic violence and provides preventative measures and resources to keep local women safe and secure. Event participants will be afforded the opportunity to learn up-to-date information, local policies and protective laws from certified service professionals for ongoing discussion, case reporting and counseling (if applicable).