Women Impact Now (WIN), Inc. was founded by Leah Baker in 2014 with the means to empower, support and encourage women who wanted to make a drastic change in their personal and professional lives as well as in the community. The focus of WIN is about helping women who are hurting and then in return those same women go out and impact the lives of others. 

Women Impact Now believes that no matter the situation, no matter the challenge, or circumstances women face in life, they were created to win.  Women can still influence the environment around them no matter where they are in life.  WIN makes resources available for women to rise above every challenge and believes that now is the time to take advantage of every opportunity.  Now is the time to WIN!

WIN is the connection to educate women.  WIN is the bridge to connect women to their destiny.  WIN moves women from disadvantaged to advantageous.  WIN moves women from an "I can't" to an "I can" attitude.  WIN's tagline is Ready. Set. Go!  We will READY women for the journey, SET women to obtain all that is available to them, and Propel them to GO until they reach their destiny. 

WIN educates women through producing quality programs and providing resources which enable women to gain the knowledge, confidence, courage and inner strength to face every challenge in their lives.